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Black Stallion Tattoo
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About Johannes

Johannes is a Dutch tattooer based out of Boston, MA (USA). He has been involved in body modification since 1999, and has lived and worked across the globe. Melding traditional Dutch and western European influences with classic Americana, Johannes adds a unique voice to the Western Traditional style that characterizes his work. He prides himself on making tattoos that "look like tattoos." He is also active in flash painting, and enjoys keeping he spirit of the classics alive.

When not tattooing or painting, Johannes enjoys being a dog-dad to his overweight Chihuahua, going to punk/hardcore shows, and being recognized once a year as the ex-singer/guitarist of Spirit 84 and the Dead Scenestars.

He can be found working at Boston's world-class Good Faith Tattoo, at conventions, and doing domestic and international guest spots.


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